Students and young graduates

Training and integrating young people are central to our recruitment policy. We work with students and young graduates to help them discover the banking professions and support them in their career development.

You are dynamic, curious and motivated, ideally with initial experience in the banking and finance, auditing or consultancy sectors. The diversity of our businesses means that we recruit students and recent graduates with a wide range of experience and backgrounds.

  • 800 interns every year worldwide

  • 300 work-study students every year in France

  • 65 VIEs every year around the world

  • 100 events for students and young graduates organised every year

  • 50% of junior staff recruited in France are former interns, work-study students or VIE students

Meet us

Every year, we take part in some 100 events and forums for students and young graduates in France and abroad. These events are an ideal opportunity for us to meet our future employees.

    Interns and work-study students

    Through empowering assignments, develop your skills and professional experience alongside our teams of experts in an international environment. We recruit interns throughout the year on six-month internships. Work-study students are invited to apply starting in April.

    Meet Joyce Law and Joseph Yip, alumni interns of our Global Markets Internship Programme in Hong Kong, to hear first-hand what made their journey at our Bank so rewarding and their advice to those who are interested in joining the programme :

    Take advantage of our international network by opting for a VIE programme at the end of your studies and develop your experience by applying what you have learned as part of position of responsibility.

    From assignments and support to apprenticeships and opportunities, our VIE employees tell you all you need to know about VIEs at Crédit Agricole CIB in this video:

    VIE (Volunteer for International Experience)

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