Global Markets Research

Global Markets Research supports clients in their decision-making process regarding the Bank’s products and markets.

Global Markets Research

Global Markets Research is committed to providing its clients high quality research, which is operational and reactive, evolving and adaptable to their needs. Our market insights and global coverage helps clients capture opportunities and manage risk.

Global Markets Research covers the full range of capital markets products:

  • asset allocation;
  • global macroeconomics;
  • global emerging markets strategy;
  • G-10 foreign exchange strategy;
  • G-3 interest rates strategy;
  • European credit research;
  • ESG research;
  • money markets.

Big Data and Market Intelligence: the core of our strategy

Global Markets Research has developed a unique expertise in the field of data analytics over the years. Through the development of many proprietary indicators (Greenium, Subordium, market positioning indicators, etc.) that are used on a daily basis by the most sophisticated investors, our research team is now at the leading edge of the digital transformation.

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