Financial expertise for midcaps that are strategic to our regions

The Crédit Agricole Group has developed a centre of expertise for midcaps that are considered to be strategic to the regions, both in terms of economic dynamism and the location of decision-making centres. Within Crédit Agricole CIB, the midcap division is able to meet the specific needs of these companies through its comprehensive and coordinated approach.

An ambition to become the leading bank for midcaps

Midcaps are key players in the regions and are at the heart of their economic dynamism. They are currently undergoing profound transformation. To support them in these changes and best meet their needs, the Crédit Agricole Group has a number of advantages:

  • the ability of our retail banks (Regional Banks, LCL, DBI banks) to support midcaps over the long-
    term as a local bank;
  • our recognised and "differentiating" expertise and the diversity of our business lines;
  • our strong international presence, which helps to support the development of our clients abroad, through the Crédit Agricole Group's International Business Solutions Division (PAI)
  • our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues, which has resulted in us developing significant expertise in supporting our clients on transition matters,
  • our ability to support our private equity clients over the long term and to support them with a full-service M&A practice.

An original approach to meeting the needs of midcaps

The midcap division closely supports its clients by applying an original approach based on:

  • a relationship-based model specific to strategic midcaps. They benefit from a client team structured around a senior banker whose dual objective is to forge strong strategic relationships with the managers of the midcap and ensure that Crédit Agricole CIB's business lines can provide the best possible assistance to these clients, with the support of commercial banks and a senior sponsor from to the Group's senior management team;
  • dedicated teams within our business lines to offer midcaps a full range of corporate and investment banking (CIB) services;
  • coordination between the Crédit Agricole Group's entities to best serve midcaps, through Group-level governance specific to the midcap division and a commitment to full transparency about the value created

Our teams dedicated to midcaps

At the service of our clients, the midcap division comprises:

  • senior bankers who work as close as possible with our clients, grouped into four regions: Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Méditerranée, Grand Est et Nord, Grand Sud-Ouest and Loire Bretagne Outre-Mer;
  • senior bankers dedicated to public sector clients and regional financial institutions;
  • a financing advisory team (Corporate Solutions & Advisory); 
  • teams within corporate and investment banking (Corporate & Leverage Finance, International Trade & Transaction Banking, Global Markets Division, Sustainable Banking, Crédit Agricole Midcap Advisors);
  • a dedicated international support team (Business Solutions Division - PAI);
  • teams supporting bankers.

An investment bank for midcaps: Crédit Agricole Midcap Advisors

As part of the midcap division, Crédit Agricole Midcap Advisors Will open in a new tab , a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole CIB, specialises in providing financial advice to managers and shareholders of SMEs and midcaps (M&A advisory, financial and stock market engineering). It relies on a coordinated commercial approach - particularly with the Regional Banks, LCL and the Group's other subsidiaries - to enhance its support for the managers and shareholders of SMEs and midcaps, and benefits from the Group's territorial coverage in France, as well as the international network and Crédit Agricole CIB's sector expertise.

An International Business Solutions Division for SMEs and ETIs

The Crédit Agricole Group's International Business Solutions Division (PAI), which is a natural extension of the ETI division's ambitions, includes the management unit based in Paris and the International Desks Network based mainly abroad in the international network (CACIB and DBI Banks).

The missions of the PAI :

  • Central support unit in Paris: Strategy, Marketing of the offer and Communication / Steering of banking and non-banking partnerships / Animation, training and support for the networks ;
  • Its network of International Desks supports the Group's SME and ETI clients in more than 90 countries: information and advice, accounts, cash management, financing, help with setting up, referrals to banking and non-banking partners, coordination and promotion with the networks (client events). The International Desk is on hand to offer tailor-made solutions through Crédit Agricole's local offices, partner banks and local service providers, from the planning stage through to implementation, and throughout the company's international operations.

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