Potential fraud: clone firms

We take the threat of fraud seriously and have policies and procedures in place to protect our clients and investors.

We ask you - as clients, investors and business partners - to remain vigilant to the risk of fraud and fraudulent communications to help us in the global fight against fraud.

We urge you in particular to stay alert to the dangers of fraud, including investment and payment fraud*, even if documents or websites refer to genuine products and appear legitimate. 

Any potential investors should exercise extreme caution. Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank and Crédit Agricole S.A. will take no responsibility for any potential losses you may incur.

*Investment and payment fraud involves the victim being urged to send a lump sum to be used as an investment into a fictitious bond or fund offered by the “bank”, whereas payment fraud (or advanced fee fraud) involves the victim making an upfront payment to the “bank” in order to receive a service, examples of this could be an “admin fee” for a loan or a “legal fee” in order for the “bank” to process a lump sum “inheritance” payment, the victim be asked to make the payment in advance of the loan being agreed or payment being provided and will then not hear from the fraudsters again


We can confirm that the following businesses are not in any way affiliated to or part of the Crédit Agricole Group:

  • CACIB Invest
  • CA-CIB Invest
  • CAinvest
  • Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole Mutuel de la Martinique et de la Guyane Limited**
  • Crédit Agricole Italia Spa Ltd***
  • Credito Agricolo Italia S.P.A. LTD
  • AgricoMarkets
  • AgricoInvest
  • InvestAgrico
  • info@credit-agricolegroup.com **** 
  • Ca-eonbns.com ****
  • contact@ca-cibcorporate.com
  • CA-CIB Corporate
  • CA-CIB Finance
  • info@ca-cibfinance.com
  • ca-cibcorporate
  • @cia-cbi.com
  • Agricole Credit Limited (ACL)
  • www.agribankos.com

[**] please note that Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole Mutuel de la Martinique et de la Guyane is a  Crédit Agricole Group company incorporated in 1978, Head office based in Le Lamentin, Martinique, the use of the word Limited is the distinguishing feature.

[***] please note that Crédit Agricole Italia S.p.A is a Group company incorporated in 2000, Head office based in Parma, Italy, the use of the word Limited is the distinguishing feature.
Please also note that the SWIFT CODE CATDITR1 as used by this clone firm is not part of the Group's SWIFT CODES and is not used by the genuine Crédit Agricole Italia S.p.A.
We would also like point out that the website for the genuine Crédit Agricole Italia S.p.A is www.credit-agricole.it and not https://creditagricole-italia.com as used by the clone firm.

[****] Please do not enter the website or click on any links/attachments sent from the email address.

If you are in any doubt regarding the legitimacy of any communication purporting to be from Crédit Agricole CIB or Crédit Agricole S.A. please refer to the information provided on this webpage in the first instance or contact the following email address: londonfsinvestigations@ca-cib.com Will open in a new tab .


Where appropriate, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and/or Action Fraud have been made aware of these issues.

Further information can also be found at https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/protect-yourself-scams.

If you have lost money as a result of a scam, you should contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit www.actionfraud.police.uk.

If in any doubt about firms offering investment or pension opportunities please use the FCA’s new ScamSmart tool first: https://www.fca.org.uk/scamsmart Will open in a new tab .