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Find out more about Crédit Agricole CIB’s legal function with Benoît Delahaye, head of the “Paris-London master agreements” team who shares his experience.

What are the roles of the legal function?

Its main roles are various:

  • to control legal risk within the Bank under the conditions set out in the Order of 3 November 2014, as amended by the Order of 25 February 2021,
  • to provide the Bank’s General Management and cross-company departments/functions with the legal support necessary to enable them to carry out their activities while minimising legal risks
  • be responsible for the mandate and management of the relationship with the Bank’s external advisors
  • the implementation of an alert process in the event of a negative opinion or an opinion with reservations concerning the conducting of a transaction

Why was this video made?

The purpose of this video is to highlight the expertise provided by the legal function with a focus on the part related to market activities.

The idea was also to show that a lawyer can enjoy international development opportunities even if the language and law are different. The legal function is an essential part of the Bank’s operations and offers interesting career prospects.

Learn about Benoît Delahaye, who tells us about his experience within the Legal Department at Crédit Agricole CIB

Benoît Delahaye has several years of experience within the legal function in France and abroad. His career path is a great example of mobility and offers a view of the range of possible occupations.

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