The Republic of Uruguay obtains a Sustainability-Linked Bond

This is Uruguay’s inaugural Sustainability-Linked Bond, the second-ever from a sovereign issuer and the first-ever featuring the possibility of either a coupon step-up or step-down.

Proceeds will be used for general purposes of the government. The coupon adjustment is based upon Uruguay’s compliance with preset Sustainability Performance Targets tied to two Key Performance Indicators outlined in Uruguay’s Sovereign Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework:

  1. Greenhouse Gas emissions intensity as a share of GDP
  2. Maintenance of native forest area

Our Bank is the only one globally mandated as a Sustainability Structuring Bank and Joint Bookrunner for the two Sovereign sustainability-linked bonds.

We are very proud of it, for it represents a continuation of our leadership in the ESG capital markets field.

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Picture and quote about Romina Reversi, Head of Sustainability Investment Banking Americas