Export finance: innovative financing solutions and established relationship with the export credit agencies all over the world

Export Finance is to finance the purchase of capital goods through a loan agreement granted to the importer, secured by sovereign guarantors, among other : Export Credit Agency (ECA) from the exporter's country, Multilateral / Bilateral institution, Sovereign / Sub-sovereign obligor.

Our offer and our network  

The Export Finance line provides cross-border financing as well as advisory and arranging solutions for our Corporate and Financial Institutions clients around the world.  
These services are related to export contracts signed between one or more suppliers and an importer for the provision of capital goods and/or services between the parties to the commercial contract. They generally involve a medium/long term financing.

Our Export Finance offer includes:

  • export credits and supplier credits covered totally or in part by an Export Credit  Agency (ECA), 
  • middle term lending to international institutions.

Terms of the credit must comply with the OECD’s rules  applicable to all OECD members.
Export Finance also handles other types of financing such as : 

  • those sponsored or supported by multilaterals (EIB, EBRD, IFC …),
  • commercial loans tied to export contract,
  • untied loan programs or investment guarantees granted by ECAs.

Our teams work in a tight network across 19 countries. They have a long and well established relationship with over 20 ECAs in the exporting countries and a well developed relation with clients on the exporting and importing end.  They benefit from extensive experience in providing tailor-made financing and advisory solutions for a whole range of projects across all sectors, including power, oil and gas, rail, infrastructure, telecom, satellites and other eligible sectors.


Crédit Agricole CIB is a recognised global leader in Export Finance having structured many innovative transactions (ECA bonds, funding vehicles…) and ranking consistently in the top 5 Mandated Lead Arrangers banks since 2014.

“Crédit Agricole CIB is the 1st choice globally among exporters and importers in the 2017 Exporter ’s Market Survey conveyed by TXF (specialist of trade & export finance and commodity finance). We were then named “Best Bank in Export Finance” in the category “Industry Choice” by the TXF 2018 survey. This survey, carried out in 2019-2020, once again rewarded our network of experts with the “Best Bank in Export Finance” Award for Crédit Agricole CIB, in the “Industry Choice” category. In addition, in 2020, we were awarded the “Top Performing Export Finance Bank” Award and “Top Rated Export Finance Bank for Sustainable Deal Appetite” Award”.