Commodity Finance

As an essential component of the International Trade Division, Commodity Finance includes all financing activities related to global commodity flows.

These are primarily non-speculative transactional activities oriented toward the real economy.

We work with all industry players, be they producers, major traders, regional traders, or processors and distributors, offering them suitable financing structures. We support them all along the value creation chain, i.e. from production to routing commodities toward their processing or consumption sites.

We provide the various banking facilities for financing commodity flows or securing commodity payments. Our financing is most often short-term, but specific support is provided for longer operations such as inventory financing or export prefinancing.

We operate in energy (oil, petroleum products, natural gas), metals (non-ferrous base metals, iron ore, steel, etc.), and farm commodities (grains, sugar, cotton, etc.).

Commodity Finance is a Global activity with region-specific features. It revolves around four major operational platforms: Geneva, Singapore, New York and London, with a team specialising in structured export prefinancing arrangements. Our teams are also present in Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  Overall management is based in Paris. 

Our offer 

  • Letters of credit/Guarantees/Surety bonds
  • Cash relays, import/export payment offsets 
  • Inventory financing
  • Financing of margin calls related to price risk hedging operations
  • Confirmation of banking and discount risks
  • Risk Repurchase
  • Borrowing Base
  • Structured prefinancing and/or prepayment operations
  • Revolver Credit