Commodity Finance

Commodity Finance includes all financing activities related to global commodity flows. These are primarily non-speculative transactional activities oriented toward the real economy.

We provide  financing solutions to Commodity Producers / Processors / Trading Houses / Distributors, from the largest with a global footprint to more specialized firms, trading one or a few commodities in a specific regional market.

We operate in energy (oil, petroleum products, natural gas), mining and metals (non-ferrous base metal, iron ore and steel products…) and soft commodities (rice, wheat, sugar cotton …).

Commodity Finance is a Global activity with region-specific features. It revolves around four major operational platforms: Geneva, Singapore, New York and London, with a team specialising in structured export prefinancing arrangements. Our teams are also present in Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Hong Kong Sar.  Overall management is based in Paris. 

Our offer 

  • Documentary credits, stand-by letters of credit, documentary collections, guarantees, surety bonds
  • Financing of 
    • receivables
    • inventory
    • margin calls related to price hedging operations
  • Structured prefinancing and/or prepayment operations
  • Borrowing base
  • Tolling
  • Revolver credit