The Treasury product line guarantees liquidity across all convertible currencies for up to two years and provides continuous access to global money markets. With five liquidity centres - Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong - and operating in another 13 countries, it is a major counterparty for many supranational institutions and central banks and therefore eligible to participate in most monetary policy programmes.

Offering multi-currency liquidity and tailor-made solutions

The various local multi-currency issue programmes managed by the Treasury business line meet the short-term investment needs of a broad client base. It has also developed an offering that complies with Islamic law. In addition, as part of its Securities activities, Treasury offers short-term commercial paper issued by third parties as well as collateralised investment products (repos).

The product line also helps clients in their search for funding solutions. This primarily involves facilitating the set-up and distribution of certificates of deposit and commercial paper. A final Treasury function is to provide liquidity to its clients through repurchasing solutions.

An efficient and strategic organisation 

The Treasury team operates in 18 countries. Crédit Agricole CIB's financing activities are decentralised but liquidity management is centralised and concentrated in five liquidity centres. This organisation provides continuous access to the financial markets for the Bank and its clients.

These liquidity centres manage and contribute to branch office and subsidiary cash management in every geographic region as well as to the Bank's various business lines. This organisation ensures consolidated management and oversight of Crédit Agricole CIB treasury while simultaneously providing liquidity to the Group and its network.