Strategic Equity Transactions: structures solutions based on equity derivatives and equity financings

The Strategic Equity Transactions business line offers structured solutions based on equity derivatives and equity financings.

Details of the offer

The Strategic Equity Transactions business line assists the Bank’s clients in solving their strategic, financing or other equity related issues thanks to equity derivatives products and equity financings. This team deals with French and foreign companies with regards to Structured Employees Share Ownership Plans, management of equity investments and treasury stock (hedging, purchases, disposals,…) and optimised financings backed by listed shares.

A wide range of products

  • Strategic Equity Transactions: This Product Line offers structured solutions with equity derivatives and equity financings.
  • Equity Investment Solutions: This activity offers revenue solutions and growth solutions to Group or Institutional clients. EIS stands out by its innovative and Green offers.
  • Equity Finance & D1: This Product Line is dedicated to the optimisation of stocks through repos, and lending / borrowing activities. It also offers Delta One solutions.
  • Convertible Bonds: This desk handles primary issuances of Convertible Bonds arranged by Equity Capital Markets (ECM) teams. It also manages the secondary trading activity on Convertible Bonds.