Our commitments

As a committed and responsible actor, we want to offer to our employees a stimulating and safe work environment. We wrote a seven points commitment that guides the Crédit Agricole CIB employees for their everyday job:
- Responsibility and integrity

- Expertise and challenges

- Cooperation and team spirit

- Mutual respect

- Commitment to client service in the long-term

- Promotion of the Bank’s reputation

- Knowledge and adherence to rules

For more than 5 years, Crédit Agricole CIB have created a progress policy relative to its corporate social responsibility, FReD. Our continuous improvement approach is built on strong commitments and high standards, with actions plans established and progress indicators measured every year. All our employees are concerned by FReD because each one upholds our ambitions and those of the Group in CSR.


Because the well-being of our employees is a core part of our strategy, we:

  • help employees to strike a work-life balance through teleworking, part-time work, workshops for staff returning from parental leave...
  • assure a work environment that ensures safety and health: vaccination campaigns, detections…
  • bring staff varied and top-quality social advantages, such as social protection, employee savings schemes and a works council.

We also encourage our employees to participate and express themselves, through:

  • a worldwide engagement survey aimed at identifying our strengths and areas for improvement,
  • programs enabling employees to commit to charity organizations, including Solidaires, Téléthon de la Communauté Financière, and Oxfam Trailwalker.


As a responsible and committed employer, we have made diversity and inclusion central focuses of our strategy. 

Firmly convinced that employee diversity is a key strength, we work on all fronts to provide everyone with equal treatment in terms of recruitment, opportunities, career development and remuneration. Our determination to foster diversity in all its forms is illustrated in concrete initiatives all year round, as well as during Diversity Month, which addresses all employees in France and internationally.


Our strength lies in the diverse backgrounds of our employees. Throughout the year, we offer our teams conferences, workshops and training courses and provide them with tools to gain a better grasp of the impact of multicultural relations on communication, cooperation, negotiation and management. 

30+ countries on 5 continents, 100 nationalities represented by our employees

Gender diversity

Convinced that gender diversity considerably boosts performance and innovation, we have led a proactive policy for several years. In addition to our programmes aimed at upskilling all our employees, we also propose initiatives more specifically for women. Furthermore, ten gender-diversity networks, created on an initiative by female and male employees, serve to share experiences at our various business sites.



Long committed to a policy on the employment and integration of people with disabilities, we have introduced a range of measures to enable each individual to carry out their professional activities in the best possible conditions. This includes adapting work stations and providing bespoke training and coaching.

We work all year round to raise the awareness of all our employees through special preventive health days, workshops, and Employment Week for People with Disabilities. We also regularly call on the adapted and sheltered sectors (for example, for printing work and recycling).

Crédit Agricole CIB has achieved an employment rate of 3% in France, and creates actions to change the minds about disabilities in work environment.