2022 Activity Report

Encouraging innovation

Continuing our experiments with artificial intelligence

Supporting the transformation of our business lines with the AI Factory

This year, Crédit Agricole CIB launched an entity to develop and speed up the use of Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, etc.). The purpose of this new entity, called the AI Factory, is to develop and produce practical products to support the Bank’s business lines in their everyday life and transformation. The AI Factory is the result of collaboration between the IT and Innovation & Digital Transformation teams. It brings together more than 20 of the Bank’s AI experts (Data Scientist, ML Engineer, Data Engineer, AI Project Manager) who manage and provide environments that make it easier to move from idea to product with complete confidence.

The AI Factory aims to make the use of artificial intelligence in Crédit Agricole CIB’s activities more accessible and democratic. In 2022, 25 use cases were launched within the Bank. This initiative is part of a global approach to Artificial Intelligence by the Crédit Agricole Group.

Encouraging innovation

Encouraging a culture that values innovation

To succeed, the Bank needs the involvement of all its employees, both in coming up with new ideas and in implementing them, Crédit Agricole CIB had therefore launched a major ideation campaign in 2021 called IDEACT. It offered all employees the opportunity to get involved in a practical way in the Bank’s digital transformation by proposing an idea that could impact its growth.

More than a hundred ideas were collected. Fifteen were selected and are being supported by the Innovation and Digital Transformation business line. They will fuel the Bank’s strategy and its digital transformation programme.

In April 2023, the Innovation & Digital Transformation team launched a new IDEACT campaign on CSR issues. It offers employees the opportunity to take part in the Bank’s transitions by submitting practical ideas to help Crédit Agricole CIB meet its environmental and social challenges.