Employee Portraits – Thibault Le Grand, Application Developer for capital market activities

Thibault Le Grand, Application Developer for capital market activities, explains his role, duties and day-to-day responsibilities at Crédit Agricole CIB.

Portrait of Thibault L., Application Developer for capital market activities,

"I’m Thibault Le Grand, and, after three years of work-study training at Crédit Agricole CIB, I’m now an application developer for the Bank’s capital market activities, within the IT department." 

Can you explain your job in more detail?

Thibault L.: I’m responsible for developing and maintaining an application used by securitisation teams in France and in New York to issue financial securities on the capital markets. In order to be able to offer innovative solutions that meet users’ needs, it’s important to understand the functional environment in which I operate. I never work alone: rolling out a piece of software is a genuine example of teamwork.

What are the highlights of your job?

T.L.: Day to day, my work varies depending on requests and issues fed back by users. Generally speaking, things pick up during the last two weeks before the release of a new version of the application I manage.

Could you describe a typical day for us?

T.L.: After having coffee, my team gets together for a morning meeting for 15 minutes or so to discuss sticking points encountered the previous day. After that, I alternate between developing new functionality requested by the capital markets department and dealing with unforeseen live issues escalated by users. This means I’m in regular contact not only with my counterparts in New York but also with IT staff in Singapore.

What path do you have to follow to get to where you are, and what career opportunities are available?

T.L.: To be a developer, you can take a post-secondary IT course at an engineering school or a university. Personally, I took a master’s degree in mathematics and IT. During the three years I spent as an apprentice application developer at Crédit Agricole CIB, my day-to-day work ranged from development to project management, not forgetting management of live application releases. There are plenty of career opportunities, such as becoming a business-side project manager or implementation tech lead.

What messages would you like to convey about Crédit Agricole CIB?

T.L.: Crédit Agricole CIB offers numerous opportunities for mobility within its various departments and, contrary to popular ideas about banks, there are many young employees!


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