Helping Hand 2018: Crédit Agricole CIB supports the French Red Cross’ volunteer training programme with Martine Guillois

Martine Guillois talks about her experience as a volunteer in the French Red Cross, her participation in the 2018 Helping Hand programme and how the Bank was able to help the charity.

Portrait de Martine GuilloisMartine Guillois, who works at Crédit Agricole CIB in Paris, has been volunteering for the French Red Cross for 28 years. The project she presented to the Helping Hand jury aimed to develop the training programme on life-saving gestures for the general public and volunteers.

What is the purpose of the charity you presented?
Martine Guillois: The French Red Cross is a humanitarian association (French law of 1901) that has several objectives: fighting against human suffering through relief missions, fighting against social precarity and promoting life-saving gestures.

I am regularly involved with the local unit in Bagneux. We listen to the requests of the Town Hall and public authorities, in all weathers and every day of the year. We work with volunteers and make available permanent premises to take charge of preventive measures.
What is the nature of your involvement in the charity?
Martine Guillois: I have been a volunteer for 28 years. I train trainers and coordinate all the training programmes within this unit aimed at the general public and volunteers. I am also an emergency team member, I provide backup for the SAMU (French Urgent Medical Aid Service) on the ground and I participate in the Emergency Network of the Montrouge and Bourg-la-Reine fire stations at the weekend. I have decided to become involved in an association in France because there is already much to do here.
How did Crédit Agricole CIB help the Red Cross?
Martine Guillois: The financial support provided by Crédit Agricole CIB has made it possible to renew all the teaching equipment necessary for the training related to life-saving gestures. This equipment was too old. There are adult, child and infant sized CPR manikins as well as defibrillators. This new equipment enables us to provide quality training and carry out gestures that are closer to reality.

We gave our old equipment to the local unit at Fontenay-aux-Roses, whose tools were even more obsolete, so that they can develop a training programme.
What has your involvement in the Helping Hand programme brought you?
Martine Guillois: My motivation and my ambitions within the Red Cross have been the same since the beginning. Being involved is part of my equilibrium and participating in the Helping Hand programme has enabled me to reflect on the way of presenting my involvement and my association.

The construction of my project for the Helping Hand programme, with the volunteers in my unit, has been an interesting stage. Finally, during the interview I appreciated my exchanges with the jury which was ready to listen and sensitive to the actions that we are undertaking.


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