Employee Portraits – Thomas Pellan, Trader

Thomas Pellan describes his job as a Trader in our Global Markets Division.


“My name is Thomas Pellan and I work at Crédit Agricole CIB as a trader in the Global Markets Division. The division manages transactions requiring intervention on the financial markets, which may concern the structural needs of the Bank as well as those of our clients.

I work in the trading room at a trading desk, where I am in constant interaction with other players such as sales staff, structurers and the support function teams (market risk, middle office, etc.).”

What does a trader do exactly?

Thomas Pellan: There are several different activities in the trading room, equities, forex, fixed-income, and so on. I work in fixed income as a primary dealer. Practically speaking, I provide liquidity on the securities issued by EU countries and contribute to the investment of the countries’ debt on the financial markets. I also handle the investment needs of our various clients, including insurers, pension funds and investment funds.

What are the key moments of the year in your business?

T.P.: My work is connected to economic and political developments. There isn’t really a seasonal aspect, but some periods are more active than others. The specific thing about my job is that it changes constantly. Every day is different depending on the current or future economic environment. 

What does a typical day look like?

T.P.: The day starts at 8:00 am with the opening of the markets. Throughout the day we respond to listing requests from clients while monitoring the news continuously, as it may have an impact on the financial markets.
The day comes to an end with the closing of the European markets at around 7:00 pm.

What kind of background do you need for your job and what are the career opportunities? 

T.P.: I trained as an engineer, majoring in financial and computer mathematics at ESILV. I would recommend doing an internship as early on as possible to get a real-life view of the profession. I joined Crédit Agricole CIB on an end-of-studies internship as an assistant inflation trader. I then had the opportunity to do a V.I.E. (international corporate programme) in New York, as an inflation trader and interest-rate derivatives analyst. I gradually built up knowledge through these experiences and quickly became operational. 

What would you say to people looking to do a job like yours?

T.P.: To do this job, you really need to be enthusiastic and curious. When you start out, some of the concepts can seem abstract. But once you take them on board, you gain a real-life understanding of the usefulness of each product and the role our business plays in the financial and economic system. 


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