Employee Portraits - Marie Hervé, Chief Business Officer

Marie Hervé explains her job and daily tasks as a Chief Business Officer within our International Trade & Transaction Banking department.

Portrait de Marie Hervé

“My name is Marie Hervé and I am Chief Business Officer in the International Trade & Transaction Banking division of Crédit Agricole CIB. I am more specifically working for the International Trade pole which assists the Bank’s clients in their Trade, Export and Commodity Finance activities. I am working in an extremely enriching international and multicultural environment.”

Could you please describe your job as Chief Business Officer?

Marie Hervé: As a Chief Business Officer, my daily tasks are diverse: I am in charge of coordinating the strategy, carrying out commercial development projects, contributing to the promotion of our business within Crédit Agricole CIB as well as the monitoring of the portfolio and scarce resources. Regarding Trade Finance, I am leading an analysis of our portfolios to help originators to better target new prospects and increase their client’s market shares. I am also working on the implementation of a new governance of the Bank's relationship with Export Credit Agencies. Moreover, after having updated the standard Trade Finance pricing conditions for France with the help of our Back-Office teams, I am now launching the review for our offices in Europe and Asia.

What are the key moments of the year in your business?

M.H.: In my current position, the rhythm is intense from September to December, with the definition of the year-to-come budgets (revenues, costs, etc.), therefore the setting up of the new commercial objectives and strategy. Throughout the year, the International Trade businesses are closely linked to economic and political events, which impact the needs and activities of our corporate and institutional clients. For instance, fluctuations in the price of agricultural commodities may have a strong impact on the financial health of our clients.

What does a typical day look like?

M.H.: Every day is different! I am involved in many workshops with experts from my division or other Front/Support departments to go ahead on common issues, especially regulatory and operational ones. I regularly attend committees, for instance Scarce Resources management or Asset Allocation solutions, where I represent the International Trade team as needed. I also work on commercial analyses, development projects and I have the chance to have very open and frequent discussions with the Heads of the Product Lines, which is particularly stimulating!

Which educational and professional background do you need for your job? What are the possibilities of career advancement?

M.H.: I first joined Crédit Agricole CIB in 2009 as a trainee as part of my studies at Audencia (School of Management of Nantes). I had the opportunity to take a gap year and worked as a Senior Banker Assistant on French mid-caps clients. In 2011, after an experience in another Bank in Commodities Financing, I went back to Crédit Agricole CIB within the Inspection Générale division, first as an Inspector and then as a Team Leader. These experiences provided me with a good understanding of how the Bank is operating and all the challenges we are facing. It helped me being autonomous and proactive from my first day within the International Trade & Transaction Banking division, even though my business expertise was limited in International Trade yet.

What would you say to people looking to do a job like yours?

M.H.: To me, these jobs require curiosity and organisational skills. Apart from that, it is a diversified position then accessible to very different profiles, so don’t censor yourself. You will also have to take initiatives, express your views and take decisions. One aspect I particularly like is the international and multicultural environment. Crédit Agricole CIB's international network is a beautiful opportunity to open our minds.

It is gender diversity month at Crédit Agricole. What is your opinion on the company's evolution towards gender diversity?

M.H.: In terms of gender diversity, there is still room for improvement when we look at the members of the Bank’s Top Management, where women are not extensively represented. However, I see a good dynamic with many initiatives promoting gender equality, a lot of awareness and a strong message with the arrival of a woman in the Executive Management. I have the feeling that the recent publication of the French Gender Equality Index for Crédit Agricole CIB (note 84/100) echoes this positive dynamic.


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