Employee Portraits - Yousra Chaker, Credit Risk Analyst

Yousra Chaker explains her role as a Credit Risk Analyst in our Risk & Permanent Control Division.

Credit Risk Analyst

"My name is Yousra Chaker and I work as a Credit Risk Analyst at Crédit Agricole CIB. Within the Risk & Permanent Control Division, I am in charge of leveraged buyouts transactions in which companies are purchased with a combination of debt and equity. Our counterparties are mainly financial sponsors, Private Equity players, who are willing to acquire companies by raising debt."

How would you describe the Credit Risk Analyst job?

Yousra Chaker: My job consists in analysing transaction proposals made by the origination teams in terms of credit risks. Then, we give opinions or recommendations that we present to the various credit committees. Solid knowledge in financial analysis is key to perform my job on a daily basis.

What are the highlights of your job over the year?

Y.C.: There are more intense times than others, such as November and December. The key moments are credit committees for the most important or risked transactions for the Bank, in which the Executive Management of Crédit Agricole CIB takes part. Moreover, our activity is particularly correlated with economic and political situations. For example, Brexit significantly affected the dealflow coming from our Front Office based in London.

What does a typical day look like?

Y.C.: My day begins at 9am with a friendly coffee break with my colleagues, in one of the lounges of our Parisian office. Then, throughout the day, we answer credit requests received by the Front Office in our various locations. As risk analysts, we have the opportunity to evolve in a very international environment and interact regularly with the origination teams all over the world as well as with other teams within the Risk and Permanent Control division.

Which educational and professional background is necessary to reach your post and which are the possibilities of career advancement?

Y.C.: After a high school diploma in sciences, I entered the Université Paris-Dauphine where I obtained a Master's degree in Investment Banking and Markets. In 2017, I joined the Aviation Structured Finance division of Crédit Agricole CIB as an apprentice (spending half of my time at work and the other half at university). I assisted associates in the origination of new financing for airline companies and plane lessors. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to become credit analyst within the Risk and Permanent Control department. There is no typical path to obtain this job. Some of my colleagues are engineers, others graduated from business schools. What we have in common is a solid financial culture and interest for the sector. We have many different possibilities to develop our career; we can look into joining other teams within our department or move towards origination or syndication.

What messages would you like to convey to those who consider a similar job?

Y.C.: To be a Credit Analyst, I strongly recommend to demonstrate curiosity and critical thinking. It is also important to acquire experience as soon as possible by doing internships or apprenticeships.


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