Diversity Week starts today at Crédit Agricole CIB!

The launch of the 7th edition of our Diversity Week is an opportunity to share the commitments we have undertaken to promote gender equality.

Semaine de la mixité

“The diversity of our teams, aside from playing an important role in driving performance, is essential to reflect the diversity of our clients. That is why I want to continue to implement specific measures that will enable those who equip themselves to succeed, whether men or women, to get to where they deserve to be.” Jacques Ripoll, Chief Executive Officer

At Crédit Agricole CIB, we believe that diversity is an important driver of performance and innovation, which is why we adopted a proactive diversity policy many years ago. The launch of the 7th edition of our Diversity Week is an opportunity to share the commitments we have undertaken to promote gender equality.

Although 43% of our employees are now women, and female representation on our Executive Committee has reached 28%, more work remains to be done. We have therefore set quantitative targets on a number of indicators for business division according to their gender breakdown.

To get things moving, we are also addressing these challenges in all our HR systems: incorporating diversity criteria into assessments of our senior managers, creating a Diversity Academy digital training course, implementing a global mentoring programme for men and women, and supporting 9 women networks around the world…

Since 2013, our Diversity Week has raised the awareness of our global workforce around the challenges of gender equality and diversity, through conferences and roundtable discussions that provide an opportunity to share opinions and experiences. This year, many events are organised, among which:

  • In Paris, a conference with Sophie Viger, Director of Ecole 42, the computer programming school created by Xavier Niel, on the challenges of diversity,
  • In London,  a lunch & learn workshop with Victoria Lewis from Byrne Dean on the importance of working with respect,
  • In Madrid, a conference with Jesús Martinez, Director at Iberdrola, who talked about the company’s successful experience in recruiting female executives, 
  • In New York, discussions with Rachel Gorman from The Oxford Group on how to create a more inclusive culture in the workplace,
  • In Hong Kong ,  the RISE gender diversity network’s 4th anniversary celebration, with our Chief Executive Officer for Hong Kong, François Martin,
  • In Taipei, discussions with Tue-Mei Lai, Director of the Taiwan Gender Equity Education Association, on best practices to promote gender equality,
  • In Dubai, a workshop with GBU Consulting on women empowerment in tomorrow’s world.
  • And many other events in Milan, Moscow, Frankfurt, Mumbai and Tokyo.

In addition to these initiatives aimed at employees, Crédit Agricole CIB has also pioneered financial transactions promoting gender equality, called Gender Bonds. The funds raised from these issues are used to fund initiatives that support gender equality.


For more information on our commitments in terms of diversity and gender equality, please click here.