2018 SRI Green Bond House of the Year: our green transactions recognized at the IFR Awards

Crédit Agricole CIB was named SRI Green Bond House of the Year for the fourth year in a row. We were also bookrunner on the two deals awarded the SRI Bond of the Year and the Asia Bond of the Year.

2018 IFR Awards won by Crédit Agricole CIB

IFR Awards

In 2018, IFR named Crédit Agricole CIB as its SRI Green Bond House of the Year for the fourth year running.

Tanguy Claquin


“We are immensely proud of this as it underlines the quality of our teamwork. This award is also testament to our commitment to putting the transition to a more environmentally sustainable economy at the heart of our job.”

Tanguy Claquin, Head of Sustainable Banking


Commenting on the award win, IFR noted, “For its leading role in focusing on novel yet robust instruments amid a shifting landscape, Credit Agricole is IFR’s SRI Bond House of the Year. In a marketplace where the definitions of what constitutes SRI are still evolving, Credit Agricole led some of the year’s most innovative transactions. Among those, a unique structure for Societe du Grand Paris gave the clearest sign of how a focus on SRI is changing the behaviour of borrowers.”

For more information on our SRI Bond House award, read IFR’s article

Crédit Agricole CIB was also Bookrunner on:

  • SRI Bond of the Year: ING’s €2.6bn-equivalent dual-tranche bond
  • Asia Bond of the Year: ChemChina’s US$4.95bn and €1.2bn multi-tranche bonds                                       


The Kingdom of Spain, for which Crédit Agricole CIB acts as market maker, was named IFR’s Sovereigns, Supranationals, Agencies and Regions Issuer of the Year (SSAR) Issuer of the Year.

Pierre Blandin


“Congratulations to the Kingdom of Spain! This award highlights all the work done by the Tesoro to provide investors with transparency, predictability and liquidity across the entire curve, while continuously extending the duration of the debt and at the same time reducing its average cost. As a primary dealer in Lettras, Bonos and Obligaciones, we are proud to support the Tesoro in their successful and ongoing objective of providing Spain with the most effective funding.”

Pierre Blandin, Head of SSA, Debt Capital Markets


IFR Asia Awards

In the IFR Asia Awards, Crédit Agricole CIB was bookrunner on the Investment Grade Bond of the Yearas well as the Taiwan Capital Markets Deal of the Year.


*IFR is Thomson Reuters' leading financial industry publication, and its awards are among the most prestigious in the banking industry.