Rates, Credit and Cross-Assets Derivatives

This product line is organised around developing, managing and trading rates, credit and cross-assets derivatives of the G10 countries and emerging markets.

From highly liquid products to tailor-made products 

The product line offers a range of derivatives focused on three main objectives:

  • Flow and hedging products (swaps, cross currency, inflation-linked, cap, floor, swaptions, etc.) across the full range of G10 and emerging country currencies guarantee cross-border access to our customers as well as 24/5 service.
  • An investment and asset/liability management product offer (structured interest rate products, credit-linked notes, cross assets, etc.) primarily intended for financial institution clients (banks, wealth management institutions, insurance and asset managers). These products can be customised according to appetite for risk exposure (whether capital protected or not) and the asset classes of interest. 
  • Expertise in financial engineering in order to offer solutions that meet the new regulatory requirements imposed on clients (Basel II, Solvency II, IFRS, etc.), such as:

                  - diversifying the sources of funding (in particular in a secure format);

                 - accelerating balance sheet rotation thanks to asset disposals in different formats;

                 - improving asset and liability management.

The Rates, Credit and Cross-Assets Derivatives product line offers an all-in-one solution to meet the investment or hedging needs of its clients.

This business line operates in all the world's major financial centres (London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai) as well as in the following countries: Brazil, India, China, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

Team expertise

The product line's commercial operations are strengthened by close collaboration with:

  • fixed income sales teams operating in 24 countries;
  • trading teams specialising in specific sectors (cash management or structured products);
  • distribution of flow products via several electronic platforms (TradeWeb and Bloomberg);
  • a structured product team dedicated to creating special solutions to meet the needs of its clients and comprised of different talents (specialists in packaging solutions, financial engineers, experts in regulations and accounting);
  • a quantitative research team enabling the Crédit Agricole group to provide its customers with a state-of-the-art product offer.


Please refer to Crédit Agricole CIB website documentation for any further information regarding structured issuances within Crédit Agricole CIB group. https://www.documentation.ca-cib.com/  



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