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05.07.2015 / FLASH

Crédit Agricole CIB employees commit within the solidarity program

For 3 years, Crédit Agricole CIB encourages the voluntary commitment of its employees. 5 portraits, 5 stories of employees for this first series of interviews. Carine, Corinne, Emmanuel, Kingstom and Mireille answer questions about their commitment and the association they have chosen to support.

Carine is committed to women's rights

Meres pour la Paix Provence association protects the right of women in focusing on Afghanistan by creating a program. My commitment is complete. I help in research funding and I participate at the events organization.” 
Carine Silve

Corinne provides assistance to deaf children

Children’s Hearing Foundation is a NGO which helps hearing impaired children. I help in funding the cost of training for the hearing impaired children that will give them the opportunity to learn, to speak.”
Corinne Hung

Emmanuel supports social reintegration

Les Jardins de Lucie is an organization that has two objectives : to help excluded become part of society again and to promote organic agriculture. All the volunteers are really committed to the organization. For me, I provide assistance on the financial side.”
Emmanuel Bouvier d’Yvoire 

Kingstom participates in the construction of a library in Cambodia

Project Little Dream is a student-initiated registered charity that designs, builds and runs rural village school in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Last year I have assisted the association to build a library for the school of Thnough Village in Cambodia.”
Kingstom Lam

Mireille raises awareness her colleagues to development issues in Africa

de l’Eau pour le Sahel is an association made up of group Crédit Agricole staff and pensioners. The main objective is to raise awareness of the developmental issues in the Sahel region of Africa. I want to promote the association and its work to my colleagues.”
Mireille Le Maitre